Fritillaria recurva

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 17 Jun 2014 20:27:22 PDT
I ordered seed from Ron Ratko, planted it in 1999. Some came up the 
first year and more the second. For years I babied them without any 
luck so finally planted them in a pot in a raised bed with other 
things and forgot about them. I was therefore surprised when at least 
one of them bloomed in 2009. But if there is still a bulb or two left 
I wouldn't know as that was the only time. But I'm not very 
successful with keeping native Fritillaria going. I do much better 
with other California native genera.

Mary Sue
>Rich asked
>>Has anyone had experience propagating Fritillaria recurva from 
>>seed? Does it grow well in cultivation and garden plantings? Years 
>>to first bloom?
>Mary Sue Ittner
>California's North Coast
>Wet mild winters with occasional frost
>Dry mild summers 

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