Kniphofia hardiness

Beverly Lipski
Mon, 03 Mar 2014 13:55:56 PST
K. caulescens has been growing in my USDA zone 6b (-20.6 C) garden in Central Pennsylvania for at least 10 years in heavy clay.  It was moved about 3 years ago to keep it in full sun (shade was overtaking) and on a berm to provide better drainage.  I'm hoping it survives this winter's heavy snows and much colder than normal temperatures.


On Monday, March 3, 2014 2:55 PM, Peter Taggart <> wrote:
K northiae survived minus 15C or colder for me and flowered, In my
experience K hirsuta sulks if it does not get a  hot dry spot. It was also
hardy in the recent cold winters. K caulescens died. K uvaria hardy for me
too. I have a plant labelled K thomsoni which was also unscathed. Various
hybrids, sown as species, such as citrina and baurii were hardy, pauciflora
is definately not hardy in cold winters. K typhoides was hardy for many
years but I am not sure if I still have it.
All in Derbyshire, England

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