Dissecting microscopes revisited

Tim Eck teck11@embarqmail.com
Mon, 03 Mar 2014 15:18:14 PST
Mark wrote:

That is actually a pretty good SOP to setup for eyepiece parfocality.  It is
generally done once a year if everybody wears their prescriptions (contacts,
glasses, etc) when using the scope.  It doesn't address the camera port
which requires a second diopter adjustment, and a third one is required if
you have an internal lightpath reference reticle which would be the primary
reference plane.  
If you remove the eyepieces, you can get dust and eyelashes in the ocular
tubes but otherwise they are contamination resistant.  
To clean, first use a keyboard duster can or (old school) a squeeze bulb
(looks like an ear irrigator) but never a compressed air line.  Then Q-tips
with rubbing alcohol or distilled water but never other solvents like
toluene, MEK, acetone as they can attack enamels and cements.

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