source of Iris cycloglossa in N. America?

Rodney Barton
Fri, 21 Mar 2014 20:01:45 PDT
Hi Ian! 

How is life treating you? McClure and Zimmerman offers I. cycloglossa. 


 From: Gastil Gastil-Buhl <>
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2014 7:47 PM
Subject: [pbs] source of Iris cycloglossa in N. America?

Ian Efford asks if anyone knows of a source of Iris cycloglossa seed or bulbs. We have seen the listing from found on the PBS Sources page but are hoping for a source that does not require import. 

If you know of a source please reply to as well as the list. 

Additionally, Ian writes:
"As to the plant, it is very rare in nature [from around Herat in
Afghanistan] and not grown by many people.  I did get seed once but the
seedling died.  The source has gone out of business and I only know of two
growers in N.Am.  I have approached one and not had a reply and the other
said that I should ask him again in September."

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