Hyacinthus orientalis cultivars

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Thanks to all for the responses; much appreciated.

I was going to give Hyacinth & Daffodils a try outside; but the deer issue
makes it a bad choice.  We have a water garden with water lilies that deer
stand in the middle of to eat the lily pads.  It's right outside the house
too, but I think they sneak over under the cloak of darkness.  We're in zone
5b; but a rural area so we don't have a fence.

On the potted Hyacinths, I have them in 7" tall x 5"  wide pots with just a
few bulbs per pot.  So; based on suggestions - I will move to a sunnier
location now.  Both times; keeping them in the front of the garage so that
they receive the proper cold without freezing seems to have worked.  So; I
just need to work on how the bulbs maintain their energy for next's years

My last question.  When the foliage has died back and the soil is dry;
should I unpotted, inspect bulbs then repot with some bulb food before they
are put in the garage?  The weather starts to change around mid September.
I also might let the bulbs dry for a week or so before repotting.  I didn't
feed the bulbs this year while blooming.   Now that they are done blooming;
I wouldn't think it would be the correct time to feed them. Would it?

Best regards, Lisa
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I would like to add my two cents:  deer will and do eat hyacinths once they
begin to open.  I think it's the fragrance that attracts them.  They then
eat the flowers and some of the foliage.

I've had deer sample daffodils but only a few flowers.  Sometimes I find the
spit-out flowers several feet from the daffodils...but not always.

Rabbits and squirrels could care less about hyacinths and daffodils.

--Jerry Lehmann, Olathe, KS, USA

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