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In Kubitzki's The Families and Genera of Vascualr Plants, Vol III, Flowering Plants and Monocotyledons,
Dipcadi is listed as having 30 species.

W Mediterranean to Central Asia, Arabia, Africa, Sokotra Ceylon and India.

If you want the reference I can scan and send along.  Contact me privately.



On 03/26/14, Shoal Creek Succulents wrote:



I have a couple new flowers and I would like to confirm the identities, if
anyone has experience with this genus. Neither of these are listed on the


#1: Dipcadi ciliare <http://i57.servimg.com/u/f57/…>


#2 Dipcadi brevifolium


Considering how many species of Dipcadi there are; it doesn't seem like many
are in cultivation. I have 2 more species; but not the more common D.
serotinum or montanum that I was able to find pictures.


I tried Google to see if there were any interesting websites and didn't find
anything. I didn't see anyone selling these bulbs either. 


Thanks for any info on these or other species.


Best regards, Lisa

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