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If you are referring to inadequate strength in the bloomstalk, this is due
to a relative lack of cellulose in the periphery of the stalk, which in turn
is due to a lack of stimulation from air movement.  The closest I've seen in
the literature is thigmotropism, but it is distinctly different.  
I could be much more verbose on the subject but the short answer is to play
an oscillating fan across them periodically during their development.  I do
that with all my seedlings now before trying to transplant them, taking the
success rate for tomatoes and peppers from near 0% to near 100%.  This is
the root of the mythical "hardening off" effect, where you place the
seedlings outdoors for a week before transplanting them.

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A lot of my Moraeas and species Gladiolus seem to flopping over in bloom. Do
they need a deeper pot, to potted deeper? Or is this always going to be a
problem with these taxa when they're potted? 

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