I have pollen from Paramongaia to swap very soon

Anders Bo Petersen anbope1970@yahoo.dk
Sat, 01 Mar 2014 01:11:50 PST
Now this is getting a bit complicated. As we know, there are two varieties of Paramongaia weberbaueri which comes form the area of Paramonga in Peru. 

As far as I know, we don really know how the Paramogaias will react when the growing season changes. But from my very little experience I've had so far, it seems as if it is easy to adapt. I am a bit surprised that my bulb grows in spring here in Denmark - Europe. I chatted with a guy from Italy yesterday. He said that he's Paramongaia flowered in December. A rapid conclusion would be that it adapts very fast compared to other bulb species such as the South African ones.

Another thing that is that nobody knows if you can pollinate the winter growing form with the summer growing form. From a biologic point of view I find this interesting. If you can't it seems as if they're two forms with different genes. I would prefer to grow the winter growing form as it would be our summer growing. But if there's no differences in the 

Anders Bo Petersen
Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe

Den 9:34 lørdag den 1. marts 2014 skrev Aad van Beek <avbeek1@hotmail.com>:
Anders wrote

> I bought a summer growing form from Bill Dijk in NZ in November last year.
So it grows in summer but flowers in winter? Or didn't it yet adapted to the northern hemisphere cycle.

> I know that some bulb growers in Australia are eager to grow this beauty
Many others not enjoying the skippy do to. :-)


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