Hyacinths orientalis cultivars

B Spencer bea.spencer@sympatico.ca
Mon, 17 Mar 2014 20:01:53 PDT

Jane wrote
First, rabbits will not eat the hyacinths. They are varmint-proof plants, 
like daffodils

I agree with Jane. I force hyacinths (in many colours but mainly all shades 
of blue) every year and  then plant the bulbs in the garden the following 
fall. The rabbits, of which there is an abundance in my country garden, do 
not bother them at all and  there are bulbs everywhere, some twenty years 
old and older. This is not the case with tulips. I grow very few of these 
except for the botanical varieties. The  flowers  on the hyacinths planted 
in the garden are nothing like the forcing type after a few years in the 
garden, but there are many more spikes and I actually prefer them this way.
I grew the same bulbs  for a couple of years in a row, but like Jane said, 
they were in rather large pots which were deeper than the  regular  bulb 
pans. I grew those to put on my front steps in early spring, which for my 
area is something that comes at the end of March, beginning of April. This 
year, who knows, maybe in May? After two years I planted them in the garden.
I do not fuss over my bulbs, but if you fertilize them regularly etc. when 
still actively growing and before they go dormant I think growing the same 
hyacinth bulbs in pots over many years should be doable. After all other 
bulbs live in pots.
Bea   zone 5 

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