Narcissus albimarginatus

Jane McGary
Thu, 06 Mar 2014 17:44:53 PST
At 05:15 PM 3/6/2014, you wrote:
>         Surprised that no has remarked on this rare and unusual 
> Narcissus. The white edged cup seems to be unique in the genus and 
> I was very glad to get a glimpse of this rarity. Thanks.  JW

Some years ago I raised a number of Narcissus jonquilla from seed 
collected in the Pyrenees, and many of them (being mostly bright 
yellow) showed some white at the margin or the base of the corona, or 
at the inner part of the corolla, or both. I expect this is normal 
variation for a wild population but probably not admired by daffodil breeders.

I was wondering why the species epithet bestowed on the pictured 
plant is "albimarginatus" and not "albomarginatus," which is more usual.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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