Calochortus Seedling Senescence

Kipp McMichael
Fri, 14 Mar 2014 13:04:24 PDT

  If only the very tips are yellow/brown but most of the leaf is still green, the plants are likely just drier than they would prefer and will appreciate more water. If the leaf is thoroughly yellow and brown, the seedling are too far along toward dormancy and water could be a problem. I would suggest the tomatoe flats in full sun may be too much for them. I have great success with Calochortus seedlings on the east side of my house where the direct sunlight ceases at noon. 


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> Subject: [pbs] Calochortus Seedling Senescence
> It is only mid-March but my first-year Calochortus seedlings (planted in plastic tomato flats in full sun) have mostly started to go brown at the tips. Is it time to stop watering altogether? I ask because (a) it seems early in the year and (b) my larger Chalochortuses (both second-year seedlings and mature plants) are all still growing. It is counter-intuitive that seedlings and parents in the same conditions might senesce at different times. If I keep watering, can the bulbs rot as early in the year as now?
> Thanks everyone, Chris
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