Jane McGary
Sat, 15 Mar 2014 10:54:31 PDT
Tom Brown asked
>I have tubers of..T.brachyceras, ciliatum, polyphylum, tuberosum (Ken
>Aslet) & piliphera . I would be grateful for any advice regards their
>planting....soil conditions; location; watering; etc.? Would planting in
>pots be recommended/OK and if so what sizes?

T. brachyceras (now available commercially) is a small species that 
can be grown successfully in a 10-inch/25 cm diameter, deep pot, 
though it does better given more space. I don't know piliferum (I 
think that must be the right spelling, not piliphera; also 
polyphyllum, not polyphylum). The others are large-growing plants 
that would do better in a gritty soil in a deep raised bed, covered 
against excessive wet. I did not find T. tuberosum 'Ken Aslet' hardy 
in western Oregon, but no doubt winters are warmer in Wales where Tom 
lives. Other than piliferum, I can recommend dry summer conditions 
for all mentioned.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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