Dissecting microscopes revisited

M. Gastil-Buhl gastil.buhl@gmail.com
Sat, 01 Mar 2014 10:42:29 PST
Ellen wrote:
"... just having the microscope sitting here at my elbow beside my  
desk: it's made a kid of me again. I have a lot of natural objets  
strewn about the house..."
Ellen may I suggest you look at some seeds? What look like little  
black specs in the palm of my hand become intricate structures under  
the scope. In some cases the macro photos of seeds have shown me  
insight to clues how they may want to be sown, or whether they are  
viable. But, honestly, the reason I look at seeds up close is because  
it is fun! Glad you got such a great setup.
- Gastil
Santa Barbara, California
where it is raining, finally.

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