Cyrtanthus in Kenya?

John Grimshaw
Sun, 23 Mar 2014 02:40:28 PDT
Flora of Tropical East Africa gives four subspecies of Cyrtanthus sanguineus
in Kenya, of which two are found in the vicinity of Nairobi. Subsp.
salmonoides  has salmon-pink flowers, from grassland in the Ngong Hills
area, and subsp. ballyi has bright red, crimson or scarlet flowers, from
lower altitude grassland/savanna on impeded drainage sites, also only near
Nairobi. [I imagine both are now threatened by the rampant expansion of
Nairobi and its population.]

C. breviflorus with yellow flowers is the only other East African species
(with a wide distribution from South Africa north to Kenya), but it is a
high altitude plant. I've seen it high on Mt Rungwe in southern Tanzania in
scrubby vegetation above the treeline (c. 2700m).

John Grimshaw

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The Wiki says that C. sanguineus can be pink, and various web sites say it
grows in Kenya.  I have never seen a pink C. sanguineus,  so is this a
likely ID?  Are there other Cyrtanthus species in Kenya? 

Nick Plummer
Durham, NC, USA

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