Tropaeolum hookerianum

B Spencer
Fri, 14 Mar 2014 06:50:08 PDT
Thank you Jane!
I do not fancy having to lug another humongous pot to the cool greenhouse at 
the end of the season. (I already have a few pots of agapanthus and figs), 
so I do not know what I will do. The description in the Beaver Creek 
catalogue appeared about a couple of years ago and  appears to have been 
taken down later. You are right they might have based it on the description 
in Chileflora site and found out otherwise later on. I  can always try, 
though! Perfect drainage as I have in my pile of gravel and the fact the 
tubers tend to live very deep may help.

This is a very large-growing plant, with mature specimens producing
stems over a meter in length. I have seen it growing well in a
washtub with a number of holes drilled in the bottom, set on bricks.
In nature it grows in sandy, gravelly places in full sun. A half wine
barrel would also be appropriate.

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