Clumping Amaryllis

Hans-Werner Hammen
Mon, 19 May 2014 03:24:55 PDT
"Supreme Garden" and "Lovely Garden" are Hippeastrums which are traded as Mother bulbs surrounded by several Daughter Bulbs of which some will produce their first scape too. Everybody as they please, but I am not all-too convinced of these Miniatures, actually everybody can create their own assemblies of bulbs of one cultivar of their very individual choice. This season I enjoy superb performance from "Trentino" (HADECO) - I purchased three potted bulbs last season, and I united them in one container asap, and this is the http://… (5 scapes 2th 4 and 5 florets each respectively)… (2 liters, 3 Garden-Hyazinth-bulb sized bulbs

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> Subject: [pbs] Clumping Amaryllis
> I vaguely recall these being mentioned before on PBS but can't find it in a search.
> At the Malvern show last week I bought what was described as "Clumping Amaryllis". [...]

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