Help with Nomenclature

Tim Eck
Wed, 07 May 2014 11:15:01 PDT
Of course you could simply use 'Polish notation' or the more common 'reverse
Polish notation', mathematical notational systems without  parentheses
which, nonetheless,  permit expression of all possible relationships.  But
people who do use it are actually annoying to other geeks.

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Dear Dennis

Many thanks

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David and Penny
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I agree with Diane, that you have to start embedding things in
parentheses.  For my personal records I don't worry about that.  I do what
makes sense to me.  I get confused with too many "x"s floating around.

If I cross "Iris x versilaev" with "Iris ensata", I merely record it as:
"versilaev x versata"

Dennis in Cincinnati

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