rare plant

morkos morkos1@gmail.com
Wed, 07 May 2014 14:06:28 PDT
To introduce myself as a new member; my name is Morty. I grow orchids,
succulents, cacti and whatever else would grow in my environment. An
apartment in New Jersey facing East. An enclosed terrace which goes down to
the 20's in the winter so I take every thing inside, which is a bit
frustrating. The plants don't like it. However most survive.
Now I'm looking for a young or even mature plant of massonia jasminiflora.
I know seeds are available but I'm pretty old to start with that now. I
found many sites which describe the plant (even some with great photos),
but none which actually sells the plant. (hopefully here in the US) I don't
know how it would survive crossing the Atlantic or the Pacific. I would
thank you for any help in locating a plant like this. Morty.

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