Leo Martin
Wed, 12 Nov 2014 15:07:17 PST
Bob Nold wrote

> Seeds of many species said
> to "require" fire can be germinated by cold, if the seeds are cold hardy.
> Non-bulbous examples are Romneya coulteri and Fremontodendron
> californicum.

I hadn't found this paper before; it details a lot of experiments on
some difficult-to-sprout California chaparral species, including

But, Bob, I couldn't find anything about cold inducing sprouting of
Romneya. Care to point me in the right direction? The Sunset Book says
it will grow in Sunset zone 13, my zone, but friends here and I have
not been able to get fall-planted specimens established well enough to
survive the next summer. Nor have I been able to sprout seed. Having
seedlings to work with would probably be better than plants growing in
a nursery gallon container half-full of pure mulch.

Romneya has large underground storage roots so it's obviously a bulb.

Leo Martin
Zone 9? USDA/13 Sunset
Phoenix Arizona USA

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