Sharing seeds of rare plants

James Waddick
Wed, 12 Nov 2014 18:36:23 PST
Dear Friends,

	Sad to say that CITES does little to preserve Endangered Species losses and does more to preserve authority.

	The Biodiversity Protection Treaty is also a farce because it rarely actually works and results in rare plants moving illegally (by definition)

	And all too often Botanical Gardens, Federal and State Authorities do everything to preserve their power, authority and ‘expertise’ : often through  down right bullying.

Jim Mc wrote
> Which is why so many of us have learned (often the hard way) that asking for forgiveness is easier than getting permission. 

	I have learned to deny every thing at every level. Who me? What package? Is that a plant?

	And that’s why I suggest that any distribution of rare plant materials be handled extremely carefully and NOT advertised or distributed to unknown growers.

			Best		You know who.

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