bulb rant

David Pilling david@pilling.demon.co.uk
Sun, 16 Nov 2014 10:02:02 PST

Not to be take too seriously...

On 16/11/2014 03:27, Stephen Putman wrote:
> The nonsensical bickering on this list over the past weeks far too
> closely resembles that which we saw on the IBS Bulb Robin bfore it
> crashed and burned.

As Talleyrand said "they had learned nothing and forgotten nothing".

On 16/11/2014 00:47, Kenneth wrote:
 > I believe/hope that the frustration with rants would/will go away
 > if The List becomes a Forum instead of a Email based discussion
 > group.

The thing worrying me about a forum is who will run it.

I look at forums and there's always one person or two who have many 
thousand posts to their name. What makes the SRGC forum such a success - 
Maggi Young.

The PBS has had difficulty getting anyone to edit the paper based 
newsletter. The PBS wiki is now stalled for lack of contributors.

We have to do something new that will make you happy.

I'd like to hear from the people who are going to put in 10 hours a week 
on the admin side of a forum - deleting spam, helping new users, putting 
names to all the photos people upload without names etc.

David Pilling

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