Saffron Walden

Tim Eck
Fri, 07 Nov 2014 06:38:51 PST
If you have voles or other critters that eat roots, I suggest you try one of
these options:

1. Make a cage with the equivalent of 1/4" hardware cloth (i.e. galvanized
wire mesh) that extends a half foot below grade and a half foot above grade
with a hinged lid of hardware cloth.  No openings larger than 1/4 " or slots
larger than 1/8".
2. Plant your bed and roll out 1/2" hardware cloth over it, extending a foot
past the bed in all directions and bury the edges.  The flowers and foliage
will grow through the hardware cloth and you only need to lift it every
other summer when you thin them.
3. Make a somewhat larger cage as in 1. Using 1" or 2" hardware cloth that
will securely enclose a cat.

My experience may not validly extend to your situation, but the easy way to
distinguish non-flowering bulbs from eaten bulbs would be the winter
foliage.  If they rapidly multiply but fail to flower, you have a completely
different problem from me.

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