Honeybees, Pollinator study.

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This is interesting because I have never seen bees collect pollen 
from Amaryllis belladonna flowers although they always go after the 
fragrant nectar. Honey bees seem generally unfamiliar with A. 
belladonna flowers since they land randomly on both the inside and 
outside of the flowers and frequently on my hands if I'm emasculating 
or hand pollinating flowers. As I recall, Boophone flowers are not 
fragrant. Correct?

This source states that honey produced from Aesculus californica 
flowers is not poisonous to humans:
However, these sources state that honey produced from A. californica 
flowers is poisonous to humans:


>The most vivid case of meticulous pollenectomy has been performed by 
>honeybees on every one of hundreds of flowers of Boophone disticha 
>for two seasons now. I have to pollinate in the early morning and 
>hope a few anthers have ripened over night because all the pollen is 
>gone from every ripe anther by the afternoon/evening when I get home.
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