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James Waddick
Tue, 11 Nov 2014 18:58:36 PST
Dear Friends,

	There have been a number of comments here that are ‘old news’ to many serious iris growers. The American Iris Society has almost 2 dozen regions in the US and Canada. On the AIS web site you can locate local iris societies that can answer many of these beginners questions. For example:

	Reblooming irises: These are very climate and regional specific. Although many CA originating hybrids rebloom reliably in CA, some do not rebloom or poorly in some other regions such as the midwest. Here in Kanssas City there are a number or reliable beautiful reblooming bearded irises and these are a frequent topic of conversation at the Greater Kansas City Iris Society. If you go the AIS web site you can locate which region you live in, then find a local club in that region and ask members which irises do best there.

	Also local clubs have sales of irises that do best in that region and often are very bargain prices. 

	And plenty of experience about the best time to dig and divide in your exact climate.

	And plenty of experience about irises forgotten in a box in the garage for a year, then found, planted an all survived and bloomed etc.

	In other words I strongly urge anyone who is intent on expanding their experience growing bearded , beardless, bulbous and all other irises to at least contact a local club for specifics about your area. 

	Go to the AIS page with a list of Regions (  then click on the region that includes you state or province. For example this is mine:…

	There are almost 18 local clubs in a 2 state area. Each club has an email contact and many have their own web pages such as

	My club also has member only web info and newsletters about meetings, sales, shows and more. 

	There is a vast amount of practical information out there to learn about specific plants in your climate.		Feel free to write if you need help. 		Jim W. 

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