Testing - Need Xerophyta

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Hi Jude,
I've had good luck germinating Xerophyta seed from both Silverhill and Lifestyle seeds.  Also there was some fresh seed offered a while back in one of the PBS offerings as well.  The seed needs to be fresh or kept in a refrigerator soon after receipt if you aren't going to sow it right away.  Surface sow in a well drained mix with minimal fertilizer, pumice and peat moss or perlite and seed starting mix with some peat moss to reduce the fertilizer content should work, the mix needs to  be well drained.  Seed benefits from being placed in zip lock bags and being put under lights for germination.  Once the seedlings are growing well you can take them out of the bag, as they get larger they can be separated.  When they are fairly large, they can spend the winter dry in a cool location in a desiccated state, they green up in spring when watered, but they can also be kept green through winter by watering them when needed.  
Hope this info helps, 
Ernie DeMarie
NY where the frost hasn't hit yet but its coming this weekend or week for sure.  Had to dig up the Bessera elegans in the garden even though they were blooming, to bring in, not much in the way of bulb blooms outdoors but plenty of Cape oxalis spp are blooming indoors.  
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Hi gang
Hopefully this time it'll work.

I am trying to locate Xerophyta plants, if anyone can help, or point me in
the right direction. I have had no luck with seeds, and can't seem to find


Thanks! Jude


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