Sharing seeds of rare plants

Tue, 11 Nov 2014 19:48:55 PST

On 2014-11-11, at 5:49 PM, Jane McGary wrote:

>  The problem is that they are species that are listed as threatened or endangered by either the US federal government or the government of one or another US state. In at least some of these jurisdictions, it is illegal to ship any material from a listed species outside the state.

>  How should my friend find growers for his seeds?

It was a long time ago that I discussed this with an AgCanada inspector, so I hope I am remembering correctly. In Canada, when 
a plant or animal that has CITES protection is imported illegally, the organism is sent to a designated haven - a zoo or botanic garden.

Would public gardens be allowed to receive your friend's seeds?

Perhaps he could assume his plants have been selected by being grown in several gardens prior to his growing them, so they might be eligible for a cultivar name.  Would that allow him to distribute the seeds?

Diane Whitehead

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