Wed, 19 Nov 2014 11:24:28 PST
Romneya coulteri is a member of the chaparral regions of southern
California. With all due respct, I must correct the statement "It's
obviously a bulb". No, it is so far removed from a bulbous root system that
I must contain my inward chuckle. It produces stolons that travel for
distances of up to a hundred meters. A wonderful plant and it does do well
far outside its natural habitat. I have grown it very successfully in
England where the damper summers gave it a very long flowering period and
where its stolons did not behave as they do in this much drier region. It is
normally propagated from pups taken in autumn (fall), placed in pots in
colder areas and planted out in springtime.

Propagation from seed is rather more difficult, an unusual behavior for
members of the poppy family.

San Diego

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