Fire needed to germinate seeds

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 12 Nov 2014 07:56:11 PST
Travis asked:

>Does anyone know of bulb seeds that require fire?

One of the positive aspects of the pbs list is the archive of 
previous posts that David Pilling created. It is especially useful if 
you haven't saved a helpful previous post or if you are new to 
growing bulbs or to the list. Some of the information from list posts 
has been added to the wiki by the volunteers who give of their time 
to do this, but since there aren't a lot of those, the amazing wealth 
of information can be accessed by searching the archive.

Here's some posts from the past about people's experiments using fire 
to germinate seeds, 2004-2006.……………

I tried using the smoke papers that Silverhill Seed sells on Aristea 
seed that I was finding hard to germinate. Rachel even gave me extra 
seed so I could give it a try. I didn't find any difference and in 
fact I think that I had better germination in the untreated pots. 
Erica seed pots treated with the smoke water germinated much better 
on the other hand than pots without it.

Mary Sue

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