Invasive lists, was Sharing seeds of rare plants

Robin Hansen
Sat, 15 Nov 2014 08:31:54 PST
>The really crazy one is that Oregon lists, among "potential
invasives," Cyclamen coum. It is less enthusiastic here than C.
hederifolium, but I imagine someone saw the famous colony of it at
Boyd Kline's garden in southern Oregon and "totally freaked out."

>No Oregon anti-cyclamen people are allowed in my garden, then. C. coum self
sows everywhere here.

I was told in 2012 by someone from British Columbia, and I think the 
occurence was on Vancouver Island, that coum is beginning to run wild in one 
or two woodland areas there.  I suppose there's always the concern about 
eliminating native species.  Where the concern about coum in Oregon has 
originated, who knows?  It surely can't be from Boyd's garden.

I had to deliberately sow it into my grass in the garden and even then, it's 
only doing so-so, although better than hederifolium.  I have the occasional 
plant pop up in my discarded dirt pile, but given how long I've been here, 
I'd actually expect it to be popping up in a lot of places, and it is not. 
I have much more serious concerns about English ivy, blackberries, scotch 
broom and cotoneaster....

Bob is correct, anti-cyclamen people are not allowed (I'll add "period") .

Robin Hansen
Hansen Nursery
38 F this morning and getting colder (yeah, we Oregonians are still wimps in 
the cold division)

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