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Shoal Creek Succulents
Mon, 17 Nov 2014 07:47:24 PST
Hi Leo-

I have an array of Hyacinthaceae species, assuming they are correctly ID'd
in the first place - that are not on the Wiki.  Albuca, Ornithogalum are two
genera that come to mind.  I know there have been a lot of taxonomic
changes; and I am able to determine the latest placement.  

I then check the Wiki, iSpot, Google images, Flickr general search,
sometimes Photobucket.  All but the Wiki are a shot in the dark, meaning the
info isn't really reliable - but it's a start.  Usually; the best I can do
with the other sources is (based on consensus) determine that I have an
improperly ID'd plant.  Which is fine for now.  

I keep a database of what I have, make notes if an item is of questionable
name, etc.  

I've been taking pictures of all details that I hope will help ID a plant.

But, like Jude, I would like to see a faster way to ask a question using an
attached picture.  I reserve my Flickr account for my best pictures, and
don't want NOIDS on it.  I have no intention of learning how to submit items
on the Wiki at this time.  

Later, I do hope to contribute; but I am still trying to learn what
separates various species.  I am thankful for the detail and effort put into
the Wiki.  However, sometimes, the array of pictures does not show an image
of the foliage close-up, and other details that would assist in making a
proper ID.  Ideally, and when I start to create a pictorial catalog of my
plants, I would have one of the bulb, foliage, flower, specific identifiers
and the seed.  I should also include some dimensions as I catalog. 

Best regards, Lisa

Subject: Re: [pbs] Wiki contributions

One reason additions to the Wiki have slowed is that so many bulbs are
already there. There aren't too many more about which something is known or
photographs are available.

Leo Martin

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