Bulb Garden newsletter

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Sun, 16 Nov 2014 12:25:25 PST
We are still seeking someone to edit The Bulb Garden, the PBS printed 
newsletter. If we can't find an editor, we will have to discontinue 
this service.

Perhaps those of you who participate in this list don't care whether 
you get a printed newsletter, and those who do care may not use the 
internet much. Is this so?

I do know that some of our members who are relatively new to bulb 
growing value the Bulb Garden for its accessible articles and photos, 
and it is a useful way of transmitting the activities of the PBS 
board to members who wouldn't think of looking such reports up otherwise.

The board has discussed launching a separate, online-only journal, 
but if we can't maintain the print newsletter, that may be the only 
source for such information in the future.

We will all welcome comments, especially from the paying members who 
receive the Bulb Garden now. Is it a "make or break" incentive to pay 
dues? Is the BX such an incentive? What other privileges would be?

Jane McGary
Membership Coordinator, PBS

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