Sand for potting mixes

Shoal Creek Succulents
Sat, 15 Nov 2014 17:08:01 PST
Has anyone found a bagged sand in the US at a local supplier?  I was hoping that the 'Handy Sand' bought at Menards (Pure white, washed and dried silica sand
Use for Portland, mason's and plaster mixes or patio block bedding and joint fill) would suit.

I haven't wanted to go to a quarry as of yet.....

Thanks, Lisa

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I have heard for years that one needs to use “silica sand” for bulb potting mixes. I wonder how “silica sand” differs from other sand. I try to find very coarse sand because it is not as likely to compact. The best stuff I found was from a stream bed. But was it “silica sand?” Isn’t sand generally a silicate mineral anyway? 


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