Cardiocrinum cordatum in a Maryland woodland

Nathan Lange
Thu, 20 Nov 2014 13:36:23 PST

 From the PBS Wiki:
"Generations of writers have repeated the incorrect notion that these 
plants are monocarpic. They are not monocarpic. Yes, the flowering 
stems die after seed set; in fact, they die whether seed is set or 
not. But so do the fruiting stems of tulips, lilies, fritillaries and 
a host of other similar plants. The perennial stem (i.e. the basal 
plate) and its offset bulbs live on from year to year."

This is consistent with my observations of cultivated plants and the 
performance of a plant I purchased from the UC Berkeley Botanical 
Garden in 2009 which consistently flowers every other year while 
growing in a 2 gallon pot.


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