Sharing seeds of rare plants

Ron Mudd
Wed, 12 Nov 2014 13:31:27 PST
So disappointing that true enthusiasts are legislated against growing ( or
sharing for free! ) local and / or possibly endangered species because of a
perceived dilution of genetic viability and / or genetic contamination,
when the globally influential multinational ' home and garden improvement
stores' are so free to sell ( at massive mark ups!! ) potentially invasive,
and most often ' weedy' non native species. Unfortunately the major
botanical institutions do not help the situation as, instead of
coordinating efforts to rationally resolve this situation, they pretend to
go along with the legislation, whilst surreptitiously leaking rare plant
material to 'amateur' acquaintances. Then when budgets are slashed, they
appeal, to those denied, for financial assistance. Reap and sow !
I am afraid that I really do not understand the viewpoint of the
'environmentalist' that would rather see a population disappear under a
housing development / new roadway / power initiative, than to see that
population reinforced by genetic material that has come from another
population 10 miles down the road !!
Its true that I feel better for venting my feelings, but unfortunately
simply posting here will change nothing. Unless people take real control of
their immediate environment nothing will change :(

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