Fri, 14 Nov 2014 11:53:13 PST
GMO root crops (sugar beets) have no need for pollen, obviously corn and soy need to be fertile.

If "contamination" occurs an organic grower could lose their "organic" certification on that crop, which would suck for them.

Bt corn and cotton contain (and produce) a bt protein that kills certain insects, yet is safe for people. Yes by is used in organic gardening, though is short lived in the form allowed in organic gardening.

Most GMO corn is used for biofuel, while other products are highly processed (corn syrup), so even if they were conventional crops they would still be terrible for you. Apparently sugar beets are grown for use in candy.

Inappropriate use of herbicides and pesticides is no doubt bad for biodiversity weather it's a GMO crop or not, even if it's safer than table salt or over tillage.


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