blog instead of printed journals?

Kathleen Sayce
Sun, 16 Nov 2014 19:04:13 PST
Here’s my 2 cents on print versus digital:

Last winter I was asked to be one of more than a dozen people writing every month or so (more in summer, less in winter) about Pacific Coast Iris for the AIS World of Iris blog. People are invited in for 2 years, usually, during which they write about 20 blogs. Initially I worried about what to write, that no one would read about my irises––PCI are a specialized sort of iris, after all, but now I typically get 500 reads per blog.  

PBS could have a rotating pool of writers for a PBS blog on bulbs, one article every other month, with photos. Might this be a workable alternative to a print journal? We could have writers rotate in and out by family, or some other mechanism, so that no one is burdened unduly for prolonged periods. 

Someone would still have to oversee this, as an editor, but it would be less work than producing a printed issue. 


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