Oxalis storage organs

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Thank you, this chart is not just informative but beautiful.  It is so nice of you to do all this work and share it with  everyone.
Carolyn .  
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Oxalis storage organs  are so different in size as well as form. I 
find it useful to know what they look like when I am repotting so I 
decided to make a wiki page and gather all the photos we had of them. 
Nhu is correct that the bulb of Oxalis hirta 'Gothenburg' is 
gigantic. It also doesn't increase very much like some of the other 
Oxalis. On the other hand Oxalis glabra and Oxalis pusilla are really 
tiny. Having a grid or ruler in the photos makes them easier to 
compare. Sometimes I added more than one photo of the bulbs of the 
same species to illustrate that different forms can be different in 
size and in shape a bit too. That is certainly true of forms of 
Oxalis purpurea, Oxalis flava, Oxalis hirta.

If anyone has photos of the storage organs of species we have on the 
wiki already but are missing photos of the storage organs, send them 
to me and I'll add them.

Oxalis bowiei also has big pink flowers and in a good year like this 
one is very dazzling.

Mary Sue


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