repetitive messages = how dare you dial a wrong number?
Sat, 08 Nov 2014 15:10:40 PST
In the old days, one could simply hang up. Nowadays, I find that deleting unwanted email messages is about as easy as hanging up, though it exercises different muscles. 

Some of you, who are really lucky or really important, receive bunches of emails each day. I think you might want to figure out how to manage that burden at home.


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From: David Pilling
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On 08/11/2014 21:55, Kipp McMichael wrote:
>> Why do BX-orders go to the forum?
> The PBS list sends emails out "on behalf of" the sender.
 > This seems proper enough, but it has a major drawback.
> The good reason for this "behalf of" setup is to make group conversation the default -
 > this is a public forum after all - so it's easy to see why the list 
is set this way initially.
 > Perhaps Mr. Pilling can inform us if this is a setting that could be 

Yes we can change it. Good suggestion.

I belong to another mail list where the effect of reply is variable. I 
occasionally have spent a lot of time composing a reply for public 
reading and found it going to one (lucky) person.

The people who argue for making the change Kipp suggests say that email 
programs have separate options "reply to sender", "reply to list". Mine 
does and I make use of it. Not everyone will have the choice or 
understand it.

As ever if there's support for change we can change.

To be clear, at the moment reply means reply to the list. The proposal 
is to change so that reply would reply to the individual sender of the 
message. To post to the list would require a conscious decision.

David Pilling

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