Identify Zephyranthes?

Jude Haverington
Mon, 27 Oct 2014 16:50:07 PDT
Hi gang,
Occasionally I will lose tags, and today I found one bulb without a tag
with a flower on it in my plant house - unfortunately I did not have my
camera, however hopefully you can help me regain the name through my flower

It is obviously a Zephyranthes. (I don't think Habranthus come in the color
described below.) The flower is about an inch in length, from the base of
the flower to the tip of the petals, while closed. (It wasn't open today.)
It is self-fertile; it has a seed pod from a previous flower that wasn't
there a few weeks ago, but I didn't actually see the flower at that time -
I missed it.) No other bulbs are flowering at all, so cross pollination is
not a possibility in this case. The color is a stunning apricot orange.
The bulb is maybe 1/2 inch in diameter. The flower stalk is about 6 or 7
inches tall.

Ring any bells? I know which ones I have not had, so by manner of
elimination, I'm sure we can nail this one down.

Thanks in advance,

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