Have You Noticed More Critter Damage This Year?

Vivien Bouffard vbouffard55@msn.com
Sun, 26 Apr 2015 16:05:26 PDT
I don't know yet how much vole damage I have and we don't have deer (as far
as I know - there have been sightings in the neighborhood) but there has
been extensive rabbit damage.  What's different this year is that it's at
different heights, up to about 4+ feet off the ground, depending on how high
the snow was that day.  I'm most irritated at the pruning a young
Rhododendron vaseyii got; also oakleaf hydrangea, blueberries, and young
apple trees.  The evidence, besides the plant damage, was a truly remarkable
layer of droppings all over the lawn once the snow finally melted.



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