Flower photography organization

Terri Bates terri.bates@gmail.com
Thu, 16 Apr 2015 09:12:44 PDT
If you are not geotagging images, location-based file structure or naming
conventions are also worth considering. Most useful for separating personal
/ jobsite / public garden pictures, but also allows me to selectively
backup what is most important.  For example,
- client garden shots get uploaded to dropbox in dated subfolders to be
shared with client
- good photos of plant species/cvs get backed up full size on external
harddrive regularly (filed by genus only unless it's a collection)
- random snapshots of my garden are backed up less aggressively.

Convoluted but helpful if space constraints. It is not only a storage
consideration, but limit of processing power if you have an inexpensive
computer (Picasa completely overwhelms mine and searches of too many files
in one folder takes forever). Use automation for sorting and naming
whenever possible.

I have found iWatermark Pro (multiplatform) very useful for renaming and/or
modifying EXIF data -- can do large batches of photos very quickly.
Originally purchased it for it's bulk watermarking and resizing, but found
other features useful as well.

Terri Bates
Maple Valley, WA, USA
Zone7b (forest and foothill-influenced microclimate near Seattle)

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