Observations of pollinators of bulbs, requesting volunteers!

Travis O enoster@hotmail.com
Wed, 01 Apr 2015 16:27:00 PDT

Since 2012 I have been observing which plants, native and foreign, attract which pollinators in the garden and in the wild. I am collecting the data for a future project, with the help of volunteers watching pollinators in their gardens across Oregon, and elsewhere.

I have a particular interest in the pollinators of bulbs and "bulb-like" plants both native and introduced (as garden plants or in the wild), and I am seeking volunteers to observe bulbs in the garden or in nature for pollinator visits. Pollinators can be bees (bumblebees, honeybees, solitary bees), flies, beetles, birds, or many others.

 If anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer, of has any questions, please email me privately for more information.

Thank you!

Travis Owen
Rogue River, OR


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