Muscari paradoxa

James Waddick
Thu, 09 Apr 2015 12:09:17 PDT
Dear PBSers,

	Muscari paradoxa bulbs are just opening their near black florets. I did a google search and there seems to be diagreement about the correct genus. Muscari as above or Bellevalia?  Anyone know the current status?

	I bought these bulbs years ago from a UK source when they were unavailable in the US from any one. Although no longer the case, they do seem to be uncommon. I don’t grow many ‘Muscari’ , but this is definitely the largest growing plant of any and the latest to bloom. 

	I am not a big fan of black flowers. They have almost no garden impact, but blend into the ground color.  Any one else grow these and have comments?		Best	Jim W. 
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