Warning: Don't buy from Seeds for Africa

Nathan Lange plantsman@comcast.net
Thu, 02 Apr 2015 09:51:01 PDT

Another five from just one page:

In addition to "Wild Flowers," their seems to be many other lifted 
photos in their "Seeds of South Africa," "Perennials," and "Ground 
Cover" sections. (Who knew that Moraea was a ground cover?)

I must be mistaken since they claim their own copyright at the bottom 
of every page.


At 08:59 AM 4/2/2015, you wrote:
>Many of the photos on the Seeds for Africa site were lifted from the 
>PBS wiki. I found 29 images from 12 contributors on about 6 of the 
>28 pages I looked at. It's possible some of those contributors gave 
>them permission, but since they didn't ask me or my husband for our 
>permission, I doubt it. David Pilling has asked them to remove the 
>photos taken from the wiki and they have replied that they will 
>check to see which photos they have permission to use and will 
>remove the ones they don't have permission to use by the end of 
>April.  So they were responsive.
>Mary Sue
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