Lilium poilanei

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 Where I saw it in Vietnam it was growing in humus deposits in largecracks ofmarble-limestone in full sun, occasionally part shade, or it was on a steep open western slope in gravelly clay derived from igneous rock with many small shrubs and grasses. Both places were likely very well-drained, and need to be because of the monsoon rains.
 In cultivation, from seed, these have been relatively easy in standard potting mix of peat, bark, vermiculite, and composted peanut shells. I suspect zone 7 or 8 should be fine.
 Some people speculate that it is synonymous with nepalense (which includes majoense, ochraceum, etc) but it is a very different plant! It is nothing at all like these and never has made a running stem with bulblets like nepalense, the leaves are different from majoense, and the smell is actually quite awful. The odor of the flower is like carrot leaves, superglue, and a little bit of cat urine maybe with a hint of that 'stargazer' odor overpowered by the others. This is one of the those botanical interest only lilies to me. I much prefer majoense (which I no longer have) and nepalense does not tolerate the heat.
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I just received a small bulb of Lilium poilanei and do not find much about it online. The wiki says it grows on cliffs so drainage is important, I potted it with perlite and bark fines and a little peat. It seems like somewhere that it likes some lime, but I could be wrong about that.  What about hardiness? Would it be hardy to Z8 with mulch and dry soil? I would keep it in a pot if need be.  Does anyone have any info on this lily? Thanks Frank
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