Have You Noticed More Critter Damage This Year?

B Spencer bea.spencer@sympatico.ca
Fri, 24 Apr 2015 20:18:32 PDT
I am pretty sure that hyacinths are not palatable to voles, mice etc. I 
force  hyacinths every year and  plant then in the garden the following 
fall, so I have them all over my country garden. It does not look like I 
ever lost any. Lilies are a different matter. There were years when I lost 
most of my lilies and only holes were left in the ground. Not sure if the 
culprits were voles or squirrels. I have three kinds of those too. I  grow 
lilies in big pots now. Well, mostly.
It seems I have every kind of  four legged critter around. No dear  damage 
yet, but I saw tracks on top of my veggie  garden a few times. Little, cute 
bunnies  cut freshly emerged lily shoots ( those that were not eaten by 
other pests) and just leave then on the ground. I do not care how cute they 
are any more! Coyotes can have them.
The most amazing  kind of pest was a family of wild turkeys (a mama and her 
seven almost grown up children) which ate every  last of my grapes two years 
ago. Well, grapes are not bulbs but it is pretty amazing when you see a 
squadron of 747s take flight. You cannot fence out wild turkeys.

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....... not sure about Hyacinthus, Lilium, and other Liliaceae.  Iridaceae, 
Crocus, seem to be tasty enougth, too.

Jim S.

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