Tim Eck
Sat, 04 Apr 2015 16:56:16 PDT
I saw them there too but didn't bite.  I assumed they were a digweedii
(scabrum, americanum) hybrid.  If so, weedii is the operative word.

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At the Costco in Lancaster, PA, I picked up a bag of bulbs labeled Crinum
"Peppermint" and packaged under the  "Bulbs to Blooms" label.  A search
online doesn't pull up much under that name.  The photo looks to me like C.
scabrum or a hybrid thereof, maybe xdigweedii.

Does anyone recognize this name, or know what clone is mass produced by one
of the Dutch bulb growers?  Perhaps the name is just a restatement of
"peppermint lily?"

Nick Plummer

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