Nothoscordum sp.

Jane McGary
Mon, 03 Aug 2015 10:01:56 PDT
Lee wrote:
"Googled this and found that it is a synonym for Nothoscordum gracile 
var. macrostemon, which apparently is found in Argentina and southern 
Brazil (and presumably Uruguay?). My label says that you got it from 
Harry Hay and it was from Chile. Whatever they are, I believe that what 
Harry Hay had and what Kurt Vickery provided, are the same species. "

I have found that seeds sourced from garden plants, including a couple 
attributed to Harry Hay, are sometimes misidentified, and I think this 
may stem from their being older collections that either were 
misidentified by the original collectors, or whose data became muddled 
during years of cultivation and circulation through seed exchanges. 
Within the rock/alpine gardening interest there are numerous well-known 
instances of this. I was a victim of one that resulted in my growing 
Nothoscordum inodorum under the name of a Leucojum, and I still haven't 
managed to eliminate it completely.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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