Hummingbird Lilium pollinators
Tue, 18 Aug 2015 09:22:34 PDT
I would be grateful for any help please on the subject of hummingbird bird pollinators for species Lilium
in North America, especially those native to the Pacific littoral.

Currently trying to conclude a paper for publication on the Sectional revision of the Neoarctic species
of lilies which research is now essentially concluded but I really would be grateful to learn which genera 
amongst North American Hummingbirds are known as pollinators of lilies in the genus Lilium, particularly 
those from the Pacific coastal Region. This work has been, along with the bigger Lily Monograph, drastically
held up due to the dreaded Lyme disease but it is nearing overall completion however the taxonomy of the
genus Lilium has gone through a radical re-organisation following the introduction of Phytotaxonomy with
familiar names disappearing and others revealed which have hitherto been hiding in plain sight.

The only Hummingbird genera of which I am aware are variously e.g. Anthracothorax, Eulampis, Orthorhyncus;
Trochilus; Archlochus; etc, etc, however my only reference book is a beautifully illustrated book by a friend who
illustrates ornithological work for Princeton, Norman Arlott whose beautiful book "Birds of the West Indies" does 
not remotely cover the western littoral of North America and accessing ornithological reference publications for 
this part of the distribution of birds living in the sticks on the north western edge of the Atlantic is none too easy. 

If anyone could provide some guidance on this it would be appreciated as well as acknowledged on publication. 
Although now more or less completed, subject to editing and peer revue. I expect publication will probably be late 
Autumn 2015. By all means get in touch privately if convenient, all responses will be replied to.

Many thanks in hope. Iain

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