pbs trials and tribulations send seed to New Zealand

Seaton Ager m.ager@xtra.co.nz
Sun, 09 Aug 2015 21:48:24 PDT
Sending and receiving seed in New Zealand and I think maybe in Australia. Unlike most other countries New Zealand has the dreaded MPI list, which is a list saying what seeds are allowed into NZ. The reason they do that is so that unwanted dangerous and weedy seeds cannot do harm to NZ, which is good. But unfortunately when they made the list it was not a complete list by far and there are many plants not on the list that are of no harm to NZ, and do not make allowances for all the plants discovered since the list was made. To get names added to the list costs $18000 and a huge procedure, so for many people that is beyond there means to apply to have names added.
But sending seed for people from outside of New Zealand is quite scary and confusing at times and some people think it is not possible. But ahaa it is as long as you play along with the requirements which is simple.Firstly as long as the name on the packet of seed is a name on the MPI list which anyone can look up on computer.Seed must be clean and free of insects or other weed seeds, which we all do to whoever we are sending it to.Packaged in a envelope as with sending any seedThe seed can be sent in vermiculite or perlite either dry or very slightly moist, but as always if you store the seed in damp vermiculite DO NO OVER MOISTEN IT as the seed will rot.Some seeds are better sent in the damp medium as this protects the seed,and keeps it fresh, but is must not be too damp.And lastly on the outside of the envelope must be written a declaration sticker with seed written on it so they can check it if wished.
Mel from New Zealand

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